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Updated: May 16, 2021

Recent events have meant a lot of people are at home more than before and spending more time in their outside spaces. Be they large or small, garden or balcony, so many of us have developed a brand

new appreciation for our outside spaces.

Having to entertain children at home has encouraged many of us to turn to grow our own vegetables, whereas others like myself have turned to traditional gardening.

Many in London have no outside space at all and those who are lucky enough to own some have come to realise over the past year how important it has been for them to be outside. With the prospect of another staycation this year, many of us will be turning once again to spending time in our own outside spaces.

With the restrictions lifting even further, slowly but surely we will be able to invite friends and family to enjoy them with us. Weather permitting, we will all be looking forward to barbecue lunches, sun bathing, chatting over the fence or even just watching the sun go down with a glass of wine in hand.

It has been proven that spending time in green space, outside or just bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. It can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress and anger and help you take time out to feel more relaxed.

If you are lucky enough to own a garden, balcony or small patio area now is the time to think about transforming your space so you can get more enjoyment out of it. Now is a good time to think about planting out some summer blooming plants. If you do this now, come the height of summer your space will be an abundance of colour and fragrance.

Why stop at plants though? One thing we forget when preparing our gardens is to treat it like another room. We always use the expression " bring the outside in" in terms of making your garden a continuation of your inside space. That is correct, but we should also bring the inside out to make the garden feel more homely.

We've been giving this some serious thought here at Thoughts That Count and feel we have come up

with the perfect solution. We will be introducing garden art to our range, starting with the three chinese symbols for hope, faith and love. The very three things we have needed to carry us through this difficult year.

The symbols will be laser cut out of mirrored composite plastic, which has the most amazing effect as it reflects the plants back at you and looks absolutely incredible when caught by the sun.This sophisticated garden decor will be supplied with locators and very simple instructions which make it super easy for you to attach it directly to your garden fence. Fully UV stable for many years of use.

Let's face it even a well painted fence is not really a conversation starter. These really are eye catching pieces and different to anything else you may have seen. Perfect for placing in the spaces up by your patio where you don't have plants covering the fence. They can of course be attached to a piece of wood and also used on your balcony area.

So please remember, if we were inside and carpeting the house we wouldn't leave the walls bare. So with that in mind, if we are outside and planting, the fences need attention too!

Please note the images shown above are for reference only, and although crafted from the same materials, do not read hope, faith and love.

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