Go on! Bag a bag worth bagging...

Handbags play an essential role in the life of modern women.

These days, there are a large variety of stylish handbags available on the market, You can choose from designer, non designer, leather, suede to vegan. There's something to suit everyones budget.

Womens handbags are considered a fashion statement that can either break or make style. Using a

stylish bag, a woman can easily carry her important personal belongings with her.

A bag contains our survival kit for daily life in the urban jungle - from mobile phone, make-up, money and keys, to hair straighteners, laptops, chewing gum or even a change of clothes.

It is important to note that handbags are not only used for carrying daily items but are also used as a style statement by women the world over.

But why do women find bags so desirable? It's partly because they've become a unique outward statement of a woman's status, fashion savvy and earning power - and the rising popularity of handbags over the past 100 years has followed the increasing social independence of their owners.

Two hundred years ago, a woman's role was largely domestic and she would keep her belongings in a purse tucked into the folds of her clothes.

However, when women started leaving the home both for leisure and work, bags became a useful way of carrying their possessions.

Rail and sea travel caused an explosion in the popularity of fashionable luggage such as suitcases, dressing cases, hat and shoe boxes - out of which the modern leather handbag developed.

Most women would feel naked without their handbags, and as clothes become ever more streamlined and minimalist, it is in your choice of bag that you can make sure you stand out from the crowd.

That's why here at Thoughts That Count we have decided to dip our toes into the crazy world of handbags. We are starting with a small, simple range of clutches and purses and will follow your lead on what you're looking for. As a new business we really want and appreciate your feedback, so please do let us know what sort of items you would like us to stock and we will try our best to please.

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