End of year teacher gifts.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Hands up if during lockdown you suddenly found a new appreciation for what teachers do?

I know I certainly did, and I bet millions of parents across the world suddenly realised that it wasn't so easy to teach one, or even two children, let alone a classs of thirty.

So with the end of the school year almost upon us, it's time to say farewell to your child's teacher and

thank them for their efforts during this long and difficult year.

Whether it's online learning or in the classroom, I'm sure we can all agree that teachers do a wonderful job with our children... Now it's time to show them our appreciation.

With my primary school days behind me, I must admit I don't miss being faced with the dilemma of which gift to buy which teacher.

Please don't panic though... If you are short on time or just not good at gifts, that's where the class rep can come in handy. Generally it’s far better for classes to club together and buy something lovely

like vouchers for a store, rather than 30 presents at a tenner each. A fiver from thirty parents can buy something really special.

It’s always best to keep the amount affordable and there doesn’t necessarily need to be a set amount. Any amount collected together means buying one lovely gift from everyone.

When asked about the best gifts they have received, teachers all tend to come back with the same answer. Their favourite gifts tend to be something meaningful and personal.

Here at Thoughts That Count, we have taken that into consideration when designing our new range of teacher gifts. What could be better than giving something your teacher can have as a keepsake and something they remember you by?

Our beautiful Corian Best Teacher wall hangers are suitable for a gift from one pupil or as an add on to another gift like vouchers. Our fabulous word art is very personal and would make a great gift from the class as a collective. Please browse the website, as over the next week we will be adding other items that will make lovely gifts for your teachers. Please remember that it's not about how much you spend.

If your budget is tight, you really don’t have to spend a lot. A nice card is perfect or a handwritten message telling them how much they mean to your child.

Happy Shopping.

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